AVES Commercial is a commercial automation for small and large companies.

Starting in 2000 with asBUSINESS Commercial package, our product has become indispensable for every business with its flexible, user-friendly interface.

Our software, which has been named AVES Commercial after 2006, is developing day by day and updated according to the wishes of our customers.

Inventory, Inventory Management, Warehouse, Sales Management
Current account
Invoice (Purchase, Sale, Return from Purchase, Return from Sale)
Waybill (Purchase, Sale, Return from Purchase, Return from Sale), Collective Invoicing
Installment sales (Flexible Installment Sales and Pos Management)
Notes, Check (Follow-up of commercial documents received and given, turnover etc.)
Cash (Daily Cash Transactions and Reports)
Collection, Gift Slip Transactions
Staff Tracking
Production Management System (Easy Preparation of Production Prescriptions)
Barcode Sales, Retail Sales Automation (Automatic Cash Register Integration)
Bank Transactions
Open Account (Veresiye) Tracking, Discount applications
Template daily invoices and waybills for FIRIN and CATERING Companies, converting 7 days waybills to invoices.
Reminder of overdue bills 3 days in advance
Informing All Users of Check and Notes 3 Days in Advance
Creating reports as HTML and Excel.
Create new reports with a very user-friendly report design screen
Barcode Design, Create Your Own Barcode, Easy Design Screens
Address Label System and Dump
Organize your daily events with the organizer system and let all users see the alarms
Multi-user operation
Powerful SQL Infrastructure
Aves Commercial has been with you for many years